The Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow- Home Education Program (formerly known as Living Heritage Academy) is a full service home school academy that utilizes the SCHOOL OF TOMORROW® SYSTEM of education.

In the PCST-HEP system, the parents are the teachers of the children. However, experienced academic advisers prescribe and assist in ordering curriculum and implementing the School of Tomorrow® System.

PCST-HEP provides the following services:
         1. Academic advice and consultation from experienced academic advisers.
         2. Diagnostic Testing for students.
         3. Student Course Study Projection.
         4. Enrollment Verification.
         5. Organization of Graduation Ceremony and Awards Banquet.
         6. Provision of the following documents.
               a. Student Report Card
               b. Transcript of Records
               c. High School Diploma

The SCHOOL OF TOMORROW® SYSTEM is built on the five basic laws of learning:
          1. Students must be at the level where they can perform.
          2. Reasonable goals must be set.
          3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
          4. Learning must be measurable.
          5. Learning must be rewarded.

Challenging and highly effective, the School of Tomorrow® System prepares the student for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values.

A. The 1-2-3 Approach towards a Successful Home School.
1. Diagnostic Test & Prescription.
Proper diagnosis and prescription are vital to the student’s success. The diagnostic test pinpoints where the student’s learning should begin. It determines his/her skill and concept mastery. The test results are evaluated prior to curriculum prescription. Curriculum materials are then prescribed on the basis of the student’s diagnosed level of academic performance.

         ■ Call the office to set an appointment for the test.
         ■ Submit the photocopy of the student’s report card, together with the original, before taking                     the diagnostic test.
                Note: If the student came from an ACE School, please include a certification indicating the                      last PACE number that the student has finished.
         ■ Fill up the Family Registration and Student Information forms completely & clearly.

2. Enrollment Procedures.
         ■ Test results are discussed with the parents so that they are aware where the student is,                           academically.
         ■ Academic Projection is also discussed with the parents stating the requirements of the                           student in order to finish his/her level.
         ■ After the parent conference; Home School Contract is signed and corresponding fees are paid.
         ■ Submission of necessary documents such as photocopy of birth certificate, Transcript of                       Records (Form 137) from previous school, and 3 pcs. 1×1 colored photos.
         ■ Documents will not be released until all requirements mentioned above are on file.

3. 2-day Parent Orientation and Training.
The Academic Manager/Academic Adviser schedules a 2-day Parent Orientation and Training to thoroughly discuss the procedures of the School of Tomorrow® System—how to administer the materials. The parents are walked through the entire system including the use of various forms, the role and responsibility of the supervisor, and the record-keeping procedures between the PCST-HEP and the parents.

C. PACEs (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education).
These are the modules that the students use. They are both a workbook and textbook. The cost varies depending on the result of the student’s test.

D. Payments.

Payments may be done online:

Savings Account Name:
Savings Account Number:

Doña Soledad, Parañaque Branch
Living Heritage Academy (Pacific Rim Educational Foundation Inc)

Note: Please indicate your clear name and purpose of the payment on the deposit slip if you will send it to us through email or fax.

E. Contact Information.



MJS Avenue, Levitown Executive Village
Brgy. Don Bosco, Better Living Subdivision
Parañaque City.

(+632)8822-9663 loc. 125-131
(+632)8822-9663 loc. 137
: /

For further inquiries, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

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