Christian Educators’ Training – An Annual Refresher Requirement

Every year, we hold a week-long training in different parts of the country called Christian Educators’ Training (CET) that focuses on the proper implementation of the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® (A.C.E / SOT®) Learning Center procedures. This is part of the responsibility of every school who have agreed to use the A.C.E / SOT® system of education in the Philippines and Cambodia. Besides being a requirement, the CET benefits the school and the staff. Here are some of the advantages of attending the annual CET.

  1. Trainees will be able to go through the actual Learning Center procedure and grasp an understanding of how to help their students when prompted with similar difficulties.
  2. Trainees will have an opportunity to interact with other school staff and at the same time share insights and learnings that were gained during the past school year.
  3. Trainees will be encouraged daily through devotions and set lectures on the spiritual aspect of their involvement in the Christian Education movement.
  4. Trainees will be given the opportunity to “SHARPEN THE AXE” as they prepare to face different challenges in the coming school year.
  5. Trainees will be able to increase their confidence in the proper implementation of the Learning Center procedures.

Always remember that “WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE.” To begin the school year right, every staff member must be fully equipped and empowered for the ministry. Attending and participating in the CET is a signature program that provides the means for preparing the staff. That is why the CET must be given top priority by our schools.

The A.C.E / SOT® system of education will work effectively if staff members know and understand the inner workings of the procedures. Your school must have highly trained staff to train the next generation successfully. Untrained staff members may become a liability when it comes to proper implementation of the A.C.E. / SOT® procedures in your school.

Training should be an ongoing affair because learning never stops. School of Tomorrow®, Philippines is committed to academic excellence by providing recurring events and programs. We encourage everyone to do their part and commit to attending our signature events and programs.

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