Being in an online environment has undoubtedly presented obstacles in terms of learning. Transitioning from a physical Learning Center to the Remote Learning Center Education was a bit of an adjustment for me because there were different set of rules to follow. Despite experiencing a new way of learning, studying and completing the tasks assigned to me are my top priorities, which is why I was able to remain productive during these times.

For me, whether it is physical or online studying, the desire to learn is the most important aspect in maximizing learning and performance. Having that desire gives me inspiration to take into action what I want to do. Whenever I remind myself that in learning there is growth, it becomes more valuable for me to learn.

In addition to desiring to learn, it is no doubt that the effective management of time is essential in terms of studies. Though this is not mostly the case, as much as possible, I try to finish everything that I can within the day, so in that case I’ll have more time to do the things that I want. This helps me prioritize my responsibilities and can guarantee that I have adequate time to finish each assignment, plus the quality of my work or understanding of the concept is not rushed.

Lastly, I try to be consistent in doing my work. Consistency instills discipline within me and provides the momentum needed for me to be productive in accomplishing my requirements. This allows me to make progress day by day instead of piling up the work needed to be done.

I understand that doing schoolwork at home isn’t always enjoyable for us. External reasons such as a poor learning environment at home, a slow internet connection, or even personal issues deter us from studying. Because I believe we are our own motivators, we must not let our productivity depend on how we are feeling but instead focus on our goals.


Zoe Quinn Venice Gabin
Junior High School Year 10
Jesus’ Flock Academy Foundation

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