The PAPCON Effect

It has been two weeks since PAPCON 2022 but I can still remember the out-pour of testimonies filling the streaming chat box from different schools all over the Philippines, and even Cambodia. God has been faithful to School of Tomorrow®, Philippines, and to the schools that use the system to advance the cause of Christian Education.

The Pastors, Administrators, and Principals’ Conference is designed to provide the schools using the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® System with relevant updates and administrative support. We make sure that schools will benefit from the PAPCON sessions, especially during the current global health crisis. For the past two years, we have been pursuing to comply with the ever-changing protocols and guidelines. We have been in this situation with no clear end in sight. Honestly, as we looked at the current state of the schools, we can’t help but feel disheartened and discouraged. We felt that we are on the losing end. We were wrong.


The PAPCON became a showcase of God’s grace and love towards the schools that have placed their trust and confidence in God. Here are some of the encouragements we received during the PAPCON:

“Yes, it’s an encouragement to us private schools that despite the decline of the enrolees, we know that this is just temporary, coz SOT is the best approach in terms of academics…babalik din sila” – Lydia Abordo

“This is not only a time of learning, relearning, and unlearning but a time to uplift each one who is in the same ministry that we are not alone in this journey!” – Marie Paz Abante

“God is really good! He is still the same God even with the pandemic! He never failed to bless us with even more students!” – Ursel Laureno

“We cannot out-give God. We always find ourselves speechless how God showers His blessings and provide for the needs of His people.” – Mel Armstrong Bison

“God’s grace is really amazing.. despite the pandemic, our enrollees increased & our allowances increased too.” – Esther Ortega

“God is really good and amazing! Here at Christ Our Refuge Learning Center, Coron, Palawan, the Lord has provided us financially through people whom we don’t know.” – Melani Celedonio

“For years we pray to start our Christian school but due to no facilities, it was hindered. During this pandemic, the Lord provided us a property beside our church, paid in full! Glory to His name!” – Giovanni Solares

God is truly amazing! This is a testament to the effectiveness of the ministry of School of Tomorrow®, Philippines! Our mission is indeed UHINDERED! Let us continue to trust God!

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