This article waited till the end of the Christian Educators’ Training (CET) Webinar last June to cover the best practices of the Remote Learning Center Education (RLCE). Though we only featured three schools during the CET, the question-answer part provided insights to the different ways schools using the ACE School of Tomorrow® System implemented the remote delivery mode.

The statement of Mrs. Harriet Barrera, Principal of the Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow (PCST) resonated most among the participants: “stay as close as possible to our proven structure and procedures.” This is the key to successfully executing a remote learning center – follow the basic procedures.

We never thought this online delivery mode would last the entire school year. The Remote Learning Center Education we introduced last year was supposed to help our schools transition from regular classes to online mode and back to the face-to-face classes. Now, we are preparing for the 2021-2022 school year and we do not see when we will have the possibility of a return to the “old normal.”

Though schools reported encountering many challenges and, sadly, a number of schools ‘closed shop’, it is with a great sense of hope that year-end activities were held virtually across the nation. Administrators, staff, parents, and students celebrated the achievement of making it through the first ever online school year.

What is our common denominator? – the system. The ACE /School of Tomorrow® System. Though we needed to navigate through the challenges of remote learning, we had the essentials in our hands – we had the PACEs, we had the procedures, we had validated tests, we had the clear functions of the Supervisors and Monitors, and we had a support system. This made the transition to online education much easier…… not easy but much easier.

Now that the next school year is on the horizon, we can confidently say that the just-ended one has prepared us well. We have identified problem areas, we have tried and tested effective scoring plans, we have compared notes, and we have “learned together” through our webinars. The recently concluded CET also provided us with handles to navigate through our non-PACE subjects as well as deal with mental issues our students face. SOT® Philippines is committed to continue providing support to better delivery of services to our students.

For 2021-2022, we are looking forward to new things – 4th edition full-color PACEs, virtual student conventions, more “Kapihans” with administrators, more webinars for our staff, and more opportunities to strengthen our hands.

The next school year will be an exciting one.

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