Starting 2021, the Pastors and Administrators’ Training Seminar (PATS) will come in two courses: The Basic Course and the Advanced Course.

The Basic Course, dubbed as “EQUIP,” is a seven-day course designed for newly appointed leaders of schools using the School of Tomorrow® system and heads of new schools who are intending to use the system as well as existing schools planning to adopt the system. The revitalized course combines the treasure of the time-tested principles contained in the Administration and Procedures Manuals with gems of lectures that will prepare the participants for the challenges of school leadership as well as to ensure the proper implementation of the system.

The first run was held February 15-23 and the second EQUIP is scheduled on July 5-13.

The Advanced Course, entitled “EMPOWER,” aims to reinforce the School of Tomorrow® principles and to strengthen the schools represented. This is a five-day seminar designed for heads of schools using the School of Tomorrow® system per agreement in the System Enrollment Agreement which states that, “Ensure that all its administrators and staff have been duly trained under the ACE School of Tomorrow® system as required (yearly for all Learning Center staff and every five years for Administrator and Principals).”  

The “EMPOWER” seminars will be held on May 17-21 and October 4-8.

The four PATS this year are face-to-face and the limit of participants will be in accordance with the IATF and Department of Health restrictions.           

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