The very first Home Educators’ Convention (HEDCON) Webinar was successfully held December 4, 2020 with an attendance of 1,048. In the past, our homeschool parents were integrated within the annual SOT®P Educators Convention (EdCon) held in different regions of the country but a decision was made in 2019 to hold a separate event starting in 2020. And because of the pandemic, the first HEDCON in the Philippines was done virtually. Previous HEDCONs were conducted in Dubai to cater to parents in the Middle East.

The HEDCON is now going to be one of the annual signature events of SOT®P hosted by Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow Home Education Program (PCST-HEP). The purpose is to ensure the continuing growth and training of parents to enable them to be more effective in supervising their homeschooled children. It will remain in a webinar format until the government allows large face-to-face meetings again.

A requirement for re-enrolment

Home school parents are required, as previously announced, to attend the HEDCON and attendance will be a requirement for re-enrolment starting School Year 2021-2022. For parents who were unable to attend the live HEDCON Webinar last December due to unavoidable circumstances, PCST-HEP is making it possible to access the webinar online. 

Accessing the HEDCON Lessons online

Interested homeschool parents may follow the steps below:

  1.  Pay the HEDCON Webinar registration fee (P250.00/person) and send proof of payment to your Academic Adviser.

  2.  The link to the HEDCON webinar and the downloadable worksheets will be sent upon receipt of the proof of payment.

  3. Parents will then be able to access the HEDCON webinar page, watch all the lectures, and access all the worksheets.

  4. After completing the webinar sessions, scanned or photos of the completed worksheets should be sent to the Academic Adviser thru email or messenger.

  5. The Academic Adviser will evaluate the worksheets and, with satisfactory completion, will begin to process the re-enrollment of the student/s.

For questions and clarifications, please contact your Academic Adviser.

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