Mr. Matthew Bautista, Executive Manager

"I realized that vision is not limited to doing more and attempting greater things. Having a vision also means having the perception to make the appropriate adjustments necessary in order to cope with any given situation and maximize what we already have. God gave us more grace in 2020 to sustain us and keep us despite the many difficulties that everyone had to face and endure. While we looked at greater in terms of more, the Lord made us greater in terms of strength and faith."

Mr. Timothy Jonsel Ermitaño, Senior Manager – Program Support Department

“2020 has been a challenge for us in the Program Support department, but God, in His faithfulness, have opened opportunities for us to continue serving our schools and home school families despite the global pandemic. When companies were closing down, the ministry persevered. 2020 is a testament of God's sustaining grace. On behalf of everyone from the Program Support Department, a blessed new year to you.”

Mrs. Em Camacho, Senior Manager - Homeschool Department (PSCT-HEP)

“Looking back at 2020, I would say that this has been a year of great UNCERTAINTY! There have been questions for all the things that happened and we don't know all the answers. Sometimes we do not know what to do but the most important lesson I learned is this - to trust God and His words more. It gave me confidence since He is perfect. He knows what He is doing and He has all of the answers.”

Mr. Cesar De Ocampo, Senior Manager – Schools Services Department

“I Thessalonians 5:17. In everything give thanks. Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Things may not been the way we have planned them, but still God meant everything for good. We have seen how good God is in so many ways. First, we are still alive! We have seen how the Lord has protected us. Second, we have seen how the Lord prepared everything we need for this situation. Even before the quarantine happened, the online system is already ready to be used in ways we never imagined. SOT® was perfectly designed by God to meet this present situation. Lastly, this pandemic brought us closer to God. We became more prayerful and appreciative of the things we have - even the seemingly most insignificant things in our lives. Most specially, we are thankful for being able to spend more time with our family and the people we love. Grateful for all the blessings.”

Ptr. Alex Celeste, Senior Manager - Infrastructure Department

“I started the year with renewed vision and excitement with all the lined up programs and activities of the School of Tomorrow®, Philippines. However, the unprecedented pandemic and lockdowns discomposed the plans and programs, but just for a while, because the immediate regrouping of the SOT Team turned us back on track and accomplished most of the planned activities. Team work really works. “My day to day waiting for the opportunity to travel to the Office taught me to “wait patiently on the Lord” which was a lesson hardly learned, because until now I haven’t had that opportunity. However, this gave me opportunity to work closely with my family and expanded our church’s ministry to online teaching and preaching that made us lead souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and contacted our long lost friends and brethren abroad and brought them back to fellowship with God. With all these, Time and again, God has proved Himself that He specializes in turning our cursing into blessing, making “all things work for good to them the love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)”

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