To our fellow educators using the online Remote Learning Center Education delivery, we are truly thankful for the blessing of the PACEs that made virtual learning possible for our schools at this time of crisis. Most of us opened our online classes more than one quarter ago. A major challenge faced by our Supervisors and Monitors is the time spent in scoring. It is our desire to maintain the integrity of our system and to be faithful to the agreement we have signed with ACE Ministries regarding copyright laws. We want to thank you for keeping your side of this agreement too. In our desire to help lift the burden off the shoulders of our Supervisors and Monitors, we made an appeal to the international office.

It is our joy to announce that we have received the go signal from ACE to digitize some of the difficult pages and items in the Score Keys. Again, this will be for selected pages, sections and items only and we will not include Primary Level PACEs as per our agreement with the international office.  This accommodation is exclusively given to School of Tomorrow Philippines and cannot be done by schools individually. We are putting up a new website dedicated entirely for this purpose and may be accessed by schools using online delivery. A code will be given to schools which can be accessed by Supervisors and Monitors and screen-shared with their students. More details will be provided by our Multi-Media staff.

For a start, we will begin with English, Math, and Science. Remember, this will not cover the entire PACEs but carefully selected pages, sections, or items in the Score Keys.

We have sent out Google Forms to your email addresses. Please fill these out as soon as possible to help us facilitate the creation of access codes. The first batch of codes will be released after the second leg of our EdCon.

God bless you as we continue reaching the world for Christ one child at a time. 



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