We have proven again this year, not once but twice, the beauty of having a very effective and flexible curriculum, that is the School of Tomorrow® System. In the course of events that took place in a matter of two months, we have tried, tested, and proven that the system indeed works. In the first week of the resumption of classes in January of 2020, the Taal Volcano eruption came as a surprise to all Batangueños causing the temporary closure of almost all trade and commerce, including the suspension of classes. Two and a half months later, the dreaded covid-19 pandemic caused another reason for classes to be suspended. Everyone seemed to be at a loss on what would be the aftermath especially since school was already at the final quarter of the year. Yet in both cases, the students and staff of Jesus Flock Academy Anilao Inc. have been able to benefit from using a curriculum that can be utilized in either a Learning Center or home set up.

Changing gears in the middle of an uphill drive is a difficult task. Shifting from the Learning Center to a home-based remote learning on such “short notice” is not a “walk in the park” either. Here is where we were put at a great advantage. Through the SOT® system, where students work independently using self-instructional materials (PACEs) with minimal supervision, the challenge of changing from a face-to-face setup to a remote delivery learning system, totally made the difference. Slowly but surely, students as well as their parents were guided in how to maneuver gradually from the learning center set up to a home-based learning. The online conduct learning and teaching was implemented by combining our materials (PACEs) with the wonders of technology such as educational platforms like Nearpod, Google classroom, Edmodo and the capability of video conferencing apps.

In the course of the Remote Learning, there was the “inevitable” that every child, parent, and staff had to face. The challenge of poor internet connectivity. The distractions at home were the most dominant ones. The abrupt change in the learning center environment and procedures especially for the younger children (ABC’s and Level 1) made some uncomfortable for a time, but slowly they were able to adjust with the intervention of their supervisors and by regular communication of supervisors with the parents.

Overall, I can say that the school year ended well though not as we all were accustomed to. And with the new school year almost at the doorstep, the “new normal” anticipated by everyone is our advantage. With God on our side, and equipped with a system that is proven and effective, we can face undauntedly the future challenges of education in our nation where God has placed us in our respective localities.

Eunice G. Bobadilla 
Jesus' Flock Academy - Anilao

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