None of us thought that CoVid19 would pause & change our lives dramatically. Now, we try to live life with the so-called, “new normal”.  Recognizing the Sovereignty of God changes our perspective and enable us to keep on going.  This is the case that transpired in these past months with our BLESS partners. BLESS Centers around the country have continued to thrive despite the pandemic.

We had a good number of graduations lined up before the lockdown began.  Some were able to finish and were already practicing for what was going to be a well celebrated event of a child’s first academic achievement.  Others were nearing their closing and some were gearing up for their opening.  So many activities have been  planned and prepared to present in 2020! One particular BLESS Centre in Gamay, Northern Samar has been faithfully running for five consecutive years now.  Mrs. Terry Dalina is a Pastor’s wife and BLESS MRI in that area.  Ideally, she would start with five students but during the run of the program, the students were dispersed due to different circumstances.  As discouraging as it may seem, it never hindered Mrs. Dalina in pursuing the program. She continued in prayer and encouraged the remaining families. These past few months have been really quite a challenge for them because aside from the Covid scare, they were also been hit hard by the recent typhoon “Ambo”. The church’s roof and walls were blown away and electricity was out for weeks. Thankfully, “Ambo” left Gamay with no casualties. They were also able to hold a simple graduation for the two students who successfully completed the program with the lifting of the ECQ.  It was indeed an encouragement after being locked down for quite some time.  The best part of that simple gathering was the willing acceptance of family members to have a relationship with Jesus.

In Central Visayas, we have 4 Centers that were also affected. Two still need to complete the program while the other two were able to close and distribute certificates. One BLESSed couple in Sibulan, Negros Oriental went the extra mile and braved the Covid threat by going house to house to distribute the Certificates of Completion to each of their students. Normally, it is during graduation programs when we hear testimonies from both child and parent on how they were greatly impacted by the program. Pastor and Mrs. Tulbo did not miss this opportunity and gave each family the chance to express their gratitude. Here is one …

Some of our partners in Mindanao are now continuing with their program while here in Luzon, many are just about to finish and start distributing graduation certificates with strict adherence to the quarantine guidelines. There are still those who are waiting and praying as they prepare for their next run.  One partner in Morong, Rizal was never affected at all because they are using BLESS in their orphanage. They are now getting ready for their graduation program.  Another one in Batarraza, Palawan was able to gather and continue with kids that were with them during the lockdown.  As I am writing this, our new centre in Kitu-Kitu, Puerto Princesa, Palawan is opening this week! Reports like these are a great encouragement to us.  God remains in control no matter how bleak the situation may be. We can face the rest of 2020 with a joyful heart and envision it in God’s perspective.

When God intervenes, He also provides a way! So we must never fail to plan but also must not forget to give God the eraser. 

Adelyn Garcia
Admin Director
BLESS Inc. Philippines

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