Did you ever imagine? On January 1 this year there was not a soul among us that had this in our mind. Who could have looked ahead and seen the events that have unfolded over the past two months? From a world economy that was seemingly on a rocket launch pad toward outer space to a flat-line!

Yet we know that God, in His infinite wisdom and Omniscience had perfect knowledge of this! Our theme was set for this year, the year of renewed vision and purpose, to be of growth, expansion and doing great things for God! But for the past 8 weeks we at School of Tomorrow® Philippines have been locked down, away from the office and not shipping materials or receiving orders.

We have been praying, studying and assisting in ways to develop delivering education by “Remote Learning” methods. We are working with others in coordinating with DepEd guidelines and provisions so that parents can continue to give their children the education of the highest caliber with the biblical emphasis best enmeshed in the subject matter. Only the SOT system has this quality built into the curriculum. No other system or curriculum can match what we provide and the way each school staff implements the delivery is so important to the continuation of the educational process, whether in the school learning center or the home remote center!

But I asked myself as I considered the quarterly emphasis, SPARE NOT, “How can we fulfill the Lord’s directive of SPARE NOT, when we are in lockdown?”  Then, I began to realize it was not until Jesus was totally LOCKED DOWN on the cross on the terrible day (which, by the way we celebrated during this past quarantine time) that He spared not Himself and accomplished the very best for us! He was totally locked down on the Cross. But He did the most for us that could have been done! He gave His ALL! He Spared NOT!

So, perhaps we need to realize that it is not the activity, the outward sacrifice, the effort that people see externally or which the world is impressed with that makes the most impact. It was what Jesus did on the Cross that no one saw except the Father God! Perhaps it is the soul searching we need to do, the prayers we need to give for our students, parents, families, and fellow staff members that will be the greatest impact. For it is not by might of our effort, but by the mighty power of God that the spiritual battles will be won.

The battles we are in are not with flesh and blood! We are not fighting with people, politicians, bureaucracies or governments. We are dealing with the principalities, powers and principles of evil that are raging in heavenly places. God’s power is needed and we must call on Him to do the work for us. What we see is only the manifestation here on earth.

People are waking up to many things during this time. It is my prayer that SOTP will be so prepared for the awareness of people who are learning what REAL education is all about. When this is all over what we have in our system will shine and be shown to have endured through the trouble of any virus attack. When other systems fail, SOT continues to provide learning!

God is greater than any virus! We need not fear. We have a God who knew all and has prepared us for this time like He prepared an Esther for her time! We must not run or hide! We must act, using the strengths of our system. We must use the greatest educational system ever given to Christian people and offer it as a solution to parents, pastors and churches in these last days.

Spare Not!

Share the Word of God’s provision through School of Tomorrow as an answer to the pressing need for educational reform in this day and age!

Yours in His Grace,      

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