• Remote, simply defined, means distant in relationship or connection. We will continue our relationship with our students and parents – but this time in a little different way. This will really be individualized.
  • It is imperative that we have an agreement with individual parents – they must understand that their participation is required!  
  • We should understand that even schools and students who have no internet connections will also be using a modified way of learning and may also use the term Remote Learning.
  • Supervisors will still supervise and Monitors will still monitor.  The biggest change is that students are doing all of their work at home and scoring is being done WITH or BY a staff member. Goal checking is really projecting what a child will try to do. This is evaluated daily on a one on one basis.  Students send a picture of their Goal Card in the afternoon – staff then proclaim FG. Goals are checked in the afternoon. Again, individualized with young and older….. the older students have their own gadgets – younger are more dependent on their parent’s gadgets. Student participation is directly affected by parental involvement. Don’t be surprised!  Consider having an attendance/roll check each day. Parents can be alerted when students are not on line as they should be. 
  • Upon enrollment next school year, students are assigned to specific Learning Centers – just as though they would work in an office at the campus school.
  • It is an acceptable ‘given’ that the page and PACE accomplishment will decrease some from being in a Learning Center present , but this will still be a productive time. 
  • Subjects and levels of Score Keys, Tests and Test Keys are divided up among staff. There can be a published list of which staff member has what subjects…. Example: Mrs. Hilario has Science 1013-1048, Miss Paano has Science 1049-1072  etc.
  • Experience has taught us that working in three subjects each day is a better fit for this remote plan than trying to work the full load.  Students can either work through a whole PACE or three subjects one day and alternate to another three the next day. While waiting to score, students should work in another subject. The key here is FLEXIBILITY! Remember, we are individualized.
  • In smaller schools, it may be desirable to divide the students amongst the Staff rather than by subject. 
  • Those in the lower levels may continue to work on all of their subjects, but with a reduced ‘page per day’ requirement.
  • Limits as to how many pages may be scored at a time may be set, so that one student does not take up the majority of the time of the Supervisor or Monitor – this may cause others to not be able to score their work for the day.
  • Scoring, which will take up much of the staff’s time, may be on a first come-first served basis. The student who “calls” or puts up his/her name first for the day is also first on the list.
  • All rules are followed in the same way as in the Learning Center.  No Pace Test the same day as a Self Test.  Check-Ups require an o.k. signature (initial given with time and date to be written by student). If a student has a parent who is able to supervise at home, initials for the Checkups may be let go, as long as all previous pages have been scored properly and completely. Students should be reviewed prior to being given permission to S.T. and/or PT.
  • If we are still in somewhat a lock down state, it is recommended that parents be entrusted with a whole quarter of PACEs at the beginning of the quarter.  This will just be easier than trying to commute to school for each PACE.  Repeat Paces will still have to be obtained – THUS it is VERY important to engage parents and students in proper review and MASTERY before taking a ST or PT. 
  • We recommend that students have a regular ‘work station’ that functions as his office at home.  Staff and student are also recommended to be in uniform with shoes and socks on.  This insures a proper mental attitude of seriousness and engagement for the school day. Allowances can be made (in time) if the home and/or work atmosphere is quite warm. 
  • Testing is to be done orally or there is a potential to use tests made in a special format. SOT will be advising more on this in the future. NEVER send a copy of the test in any way to the student.  Remember many students are VERY tech savvy and we must be careful to protect the integrity of our curriculum.
  • Non-PACE Subjects (mini-classes) must be carefully planned and assigned. It is possible to use a purchased text book and think in terms of projects than can be done in place of meeting together. Projects may be assigned that demonstrate learning and mastery of the subject matter. To ensure that the projects are being done by the students themselves, a short video may be taken of the student while doing the project and submitted to the subject teacher.
  • Goal Cards are to be used and goals are to be checked, completed AND recognized each day.  `
  • In place of a daily report, a weekly report can be sent to each parent.
  • Tri-weekly requirements should be made clear.  Staff needs to be innovative on ‘how’ these can be done ‘on-line’. Take specific steps to reward accomplishments.
  • In the “new normal” it will be necessary to train/orient parents and/or caregivers (in case the parents go back to working outside the home) in the proper and most efficient use of the platform/s used for the RLC.

Each school should consider having a Facebook page where they can regularly post announcement to both parents and students. 

It is a good idea to have an email address for each parent. They may/should also be included in your Facebook Group. 

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